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Aquarius is our first homebred Winterfrost CFA Regional Winner. Quar was born in a litter of three males. Quar’s two brothers were lynxpoints, and by the time they were born, lynxpointed Orientals were no longer showable in CFA. Though one of the lynxpoints was the pick of the litter, we kept Aquarius to show. He is a really striking blue mackerel tabby with deep green eyes.

Quar earned a few Best Kittens during his kitten show career. We continued to show him as an adult and he did very well, earning the title of CFA’s 15th Best Cat in Premiership in the Great Lakes Region in 2002-2003. Quar was known as the Voice of the Great Lakes. He’s an unusually loud and talkative Oriental, and he had a habit of sitting in judging rings and suddenly shrieking as if someone had stepped on his tail. Ring clerks learned to call him up to the ring just a few seconds before he was really needed.

Aquarius remains a talkative guy and has a real aversion to sneezing humans. He shrieks at Jim when he has a sneeze fit – just hearing Jim draw in a breath prior to sneezing starts the discourse. Quar gives Hollywood style smooches – tipping his head and closing his eyes when you offer him a smooch.

Aquarius’ deep green eyes probably have the best eye color of any cat born here at Winterfrost. I recently took up watercolor painting and the painting below of Aquarius’ eyes was my first painting.



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