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Rion was born to our first litter of kittens here at Winterfrost. He couldn’t seem to get the hang of the milk bar, and would search endlessly but never latched on. I was devastated, and spent countless sleepless hours trying to get him to nurse. After nearly 24 hours, he suddenly figured it out and life was good. Rion was always a handsome guy and did fairly well showing as a kitten and ended up being our first Winterfrost grand. At the time Rion was showing, we were still able to show our lynxpointed Orientals. To this day lynxpoint is my favorite pattern and I’m pleased that our first Winterfrost grand was a lynxpoint Oriental Shorthair.

Rion was a talkative guy in the rings, and at one show when I was showing several cats I totally forgot about Rion and left him in a ring. When I finally remembered with a jolt that he was in a ring I think about a half hour had passed. There was Rion patiently waiting for me, chatting happily with the ring clerk who I’m sure was relieved to see me come and remove my chatty cat.

Rion and his sister Cassiopia went to live with our friends Dave and Wendy Buchanan. They were over a year old and taking them to their new home was incredibly hard, Rion was always a favorite of mine. I knew that Dave and Wendy would give them a fantastic home. Which they have, Cass and Rion are much loved and are cared for at least as well as I could have cared for them. I visit them on a regular basis and though Cass could care less, Rion always remembers me and is always really happy to see me. I unfortunately don’t have any great professional pictures of Rion, he was a singularly unphotogenic cat! A couple of professionals tried taking pictures of Rion but none turned out, and I took endless pictures of Rion trying to get a decent photo for the yearbook. This is the best I have of this goofy seal lynxpoint oriental.


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